State prisoners

Since Judah's arrival we have been late for everything and it drives me insane!! I have been working hard at trying to get places on time, so this morning I was quite proud of myself to have gotten Judah, Caleb and myself to the doctors office fifteen minutes early for Judah's appointment. Imagine my surprise when I found out we were one week and fifteen minutes early for the appointment! My next project to work on is to keep track of what day it is!!
Since we were already out and so close to the river walk we went over there and Caleb sat and read while I got my 2 mile walk done for the day. The city had some state prisoners out doing yard work, and they enjoyed seeing the baby... kinda made me nervous, and I gotta say, I was glad to see that they were well guarded by men with guns.

In the middle of the walk way I found the following declaration of love:

It reads:
"Let's be us again - Brandon and Beth
I *heart* you
Give me one more chance ...please!
*heart* B.C."
From the neat hand writing and all the hearts my guess is that Beth wrote it to Brandon... I wonder what she did wrong that she now needs to plead with him via sidewalk chalk to give her another chance. I wonder if her creative plea worked?? Guess I'll never know!!

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Paul said...

I'll have to remember that one for next time I break a dish.

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