Dresses, Koolaid and Tanks

I saw a picture of the dress that I am to be wearing in Amanda's wedding this summer. All I can say is "Uh-Oh!!" While the dress itself is beautiful it will not be forgiving of even five extra pounds. I have a lot of work ahead of me!!
I have decided that for now walking will be the best way to stay active and lose weight. In the past week I have done long walks in three different locations. Todays location was my favourite, and I think that is where I will continue going from now on to walk.
I went on to the base and walked around the 2 mile track they have. The track surrounds a training field and - do I even need to say it?? - I was amused and kept entertained by the trainees. I could hear the cadences as the jogged past - they were singing something about kool-aid! I could watch them marching in unison, doing their exercises... seriously, I am so easily amused. But it's a good thing - it helped distract me and make it easier to walk all the way around the track! And I am looking forward to going back to that track to be entertained again =) And hopefully by the time the wedding comes around I won't look like an elephant!

Soldiers running

Caleb and I drove around a bit on base and found these:

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