Blog Party Contest #1

I am hosting a contest for the week of the blog party!! I plan to host more than one contest, but for now will commit to just this one. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.
The prize for this contest is a set of fancy paper that can be used for scrapbooking, card making or re-gifting! Here is a picture of your prize:

And a close up of the different pages:
Now for the contest description and rules!!

This contest is a SCAVENGER HUNT.

You are to find pictures that fit best with each concept listed below and post them on your own site and then leave a link on my blog back to them. I will randomly pick a winner from the responses I get and mail you the prize. This is a light weight item and I am willing to ship it internationally, so everybody is invited to play!
The contest is open until March 8th with the winner being announced on the 9th.

Pictures to search for (please label each picture on your site!)

  1. Face of innocence
  2. Guilty
  3. Inspired
  4. Floating
  5. Here comes trouble
  6. Red
  7. Comforting

1 comment:

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Jessica!

No, your contest isn't confusing at all! I was a little confused about the Blog Party in general because I didn't understand how it worked...now I get it :)

And yes, I want to play in your contest! I'm still looking thru my kids pics for a "here Comes Trouble" one...shouldn't be too hard to find ;)


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