Life According to Paul #4

An actual conversation that took place after Judah leaked through a diaper:

Paul - "We need to go get those leak proof diapers."

Me - "Oh. Do they sell leak proof diapers? I thought all diapers were to be leak proof."

Paul - "They sell leak proof diapers."

Me - "I have never seen those before. Where did you see them?"

Paul - "At Walmart."

Me - "When?"

Paul - "When we were buying diapers for him last week."

Me - "Really? I didn't see them."

Paul - "They were there. They had different levels for how much protection you want in the diaper."

Me - "Oh ... um, what did the packaging on the diapers say?"

Paul - "Different things. Some said "mega" others "super mega" and some were "huge" ..."

I just lost it... I was on the floor laughing. He still didn't get it, so I told him that was a description for the quantity of diapers.

His response was then "Well... that's dumb. I am going to make leak proof diapers."


JeanieCW said...

Oh that is so FUNNY! (and cute)

Better keep him away from the Depends aisle, though, "Holds super duper extra deluxe adult size waste".....or you'll be triple-wrapping thos Depends around your little man!

Jeanie from CW

Beebee Mod said...

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Essie said...

Paul, you crack me up!

Crystal said...


Paul said...

hey... I've never been a mom before... and I don't intend to start now. it's time to potty train this kid.

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