I love my hubby!

When Paul is over tired he talks in his sleep, and those conversations are the funniest conversations ever!! Last night was one of those over tired nights.

He was in bed and asleep well before me, and when I went in I stroked his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He said "Why don't you just slit my throat while you're at it?"

Then a little bit later he started snoring and I nudged him to get him to stop and he said "Did you just try to gag me? I think you stuck a towel in my mouth. Oh... wait. No, you were shoving sleeping pills down my throat."

Haha. I love my husband. He's too funny =) As amusing as he is when he's tired though I do hope he gets caught up on his sleep soon! He's been working some crazy hours and then coming home and helping me out here.

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Crystal said...

Wow, Jessica, you must be an abusive sleeper. ;oP

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