Judah's favourite girl

We were at Cole and Ashley's last night for supper and games and their daughter, Autumn, got to hold Judah for the first time! He was very good while she held him!


mom23guys1girl said...

Judah is beautiful. I was blogging through the Thursday Thirteen sites looking for ones that may interest me when I saw your blog about tp. Of course I had to take a look.

So I started looking at your pictures and thought...hmmm...that looks familar. A Riverwalk, we have one of them in Harrisburg. Then I saw the Riverwalk with the broken bridge behind it and realized...wow, Einstein, that is Harrisburg.

Imagine my surprise to happen across a fellow Central PA blogger. I live just outside of M'burg, but when we first moved here we lived in Hbg on N. 2nd Street. WE loved to go to Italian Lake and have lots of pictures of the kids there.

Funny how small the blogosphere really is.

Hope you stop by soon.


Anonymous said...

ok this is funny.... my name is ashleigh and my sisters name is autumn!!! how weird! -ash

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