Things I am looking forward to and things I am not looking forward to

Judah is back to nursing every two to two and a half hours, leaving me SO exhausted! I just want to crawl into a sound proof hole and sleep!
On Saturday he had his two month appointment and his weight was 8lbs 13oz!

Yesterday Paul had the day off and we had planned on going to Savannah for the day with some friends. However the weather didn't cooperate, so instead we just hung out around here, got stuff done at home, went to the mall and to the gym.
Soon we will make it to the beach!! I can't wait!

Next week is Master's week. I am excited to see how much this place changes, as everyone has warned me that it will! "Everything stops for Master's week." I am not excited about the added traffic that will be here though!

I found a cool website - Critique my Blog - I submitted my blog to him and here is what he posted about my blog. Check it out and get your blog critiqued too!

I just found out we have more company coming in April - woohoo! My great uncle and aunt -so Judah's great-great uncle and aunt - are coming down the middle of the month for a few days! I am excited to see them again and for them to meet Judah!

Last night I put Judah in size 1 diapers for the first time! Up until then he's been wearing Newborns. They fit him pretty well, so I think once the newborns are all gone, which will be very soon, we will just stick with size 1 diapers! I guess the bigger the diapers the bigger the poops, huh? Not looking forward to bigger poops!

Paul took me out for supper last night to O Charley's - mmm! It was my first time and his second time going there and it was good!! We had a great waitress and the food was very good. If you've never been to an O Charley's I highly recommend it!

I have some more pictures to post on here, however my camera is down in the car, so pictures will come a bit later!


Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Jessica, big boy huh.......the joys of parenting, maybe your most important job in a lifetime and it is on the job training, you are doing good I'm sure. I bet it great there during the Masters, I was never stationed at Ft Gordon, was at Ft Jackson and Ft Stewart both in the 60's

Sarge Charlie said...

I was in Jamaica years ago, it is a nice place. The advantage to a cruise is once you are on board you do not have to spend any more money. Everything is included, except booze, but I no longer drank booze.

We go as often as we can, it is easy when you are retired. Ship v Vacation, most of the time I would choose the ship.

I was in the Army for 26years.

Erin said...

Hi Jessica! Havent talked to you in forever. Just wanted you to know I read your blog and watch baby Judah grow! He is really getting big! Just dropping you a note! Talk to you later!!

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