Judah's baby shower

I think it was a big mistake to have eaten that Mexican dip last night with the beans in it!! My poor baby has had the nastiest of diapers. I won't describe it to you, but I will say that what should be IN the diaper managed to fill a diaper, explode out of the diaper, run down his leg, and get all over his blanket. *ick* Note to self: don't eat beans while nursing.

Last night the ladies from the chapel held a shower for Judah. It was so nice!! My mum and sister were able to be at it, which was nice!! We had a really good time, and Judah got some really cute gifts - as well as lots of diapers!!

A few pictures from the shower:


Crystal said...

Ooh, I could totally see giving myself a stomachache with those little cakes. They're so cute and look so yummy!

I hope Judah enjoys making a mess out of all his new diapers. ;)

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Look at how precious he is! I forgot how small a baby is! So cute and those little cakes--how adorable!

I wanted to stop by and say "Hello!" and look around at your blog! I'll be back when I can spend more time.

Sheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by and for mentioning me on your blog!
Your little Judah is an absolute doll!
I so miss the snuggly buggly years (but not the squishy-out-of-the-diaper-onto-the-clothes days).
I have to ask...are those little cakes actually cupcakes??? They are so cute!

The Rock Chick said...

HI Jessica!

Barbie Bandits??? Haven't heard yet of Barbie Bandits, but hey, if you make the news, you are fair game for me ;)

Thanks for the compliments. I love to write and I really enjoy using humor as a way to point out how very sad things are sometimes. Not everybody "gets that", but I'm pretty sure you do!!

I love looking at your baby's pics---so adorable! My son was a preemie, too---6 weeks early...so tiny! I blinked and now he's a 90 lb. 11 year old.....enjoy every minute!!!

Jessica (The Rock Chick One)

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