The party at our place took a break today... or should I say, took a trip to the ER. Maybe our baby was party-ing too hard. Perhaps he took a little too much of that breast milk. Or maybe he got a little carried away with crying (because as all good infants know, what's a party without a few heartfelt cries?) Whatever it was, Judah ended up in the ER today and I am too tired to do a party blog.

This morning was a routine doctor visit. Judah's doctor thought he looked a little off. So that, combined with the fact that Paul and I have noticed his coloring being paler and Judah being much more irritable lately, caused the doctor to suggest we take him in to the ER.
So we did. And spent a LONG time in there. The stupid labs took SIX HOURS to get done!
So we just hung out in the exam room. Napping, talking and watching TV.

Turns out Judah is just fine!! Hurray! He is home with us now and is sleeping like a baby ... oh wait ... never mind!


Vader's Mom said...

Glad everything turned out ok.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Oh, I am so sorry he was in the E.R. I hope all is well now! (he is too cute)

Welcome back to the party!!!!!


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