The Gender of a Lightbulb

Judah is potty training at his own pace right now, and right along with the potty training he is learning all his body parts, with their correct names. No cutesy names for body parts in this house!
The other night him and Paul had this conversation:

Judah: Judah have p---s?
Paul: Yes, Judah has a p---s.
Judah: Daddy have a p---s?
Paul: Yes, daddy has a p---s.
Judah: Wezzy have a p---s?
Paul: Yes, Wezzy has a p---s.
Judah: Mommy have a p---s?
Paul: No. Mommy is a girl. Mommy does not have a p---s.

Judah paused for a moment.

Judah: Oh. (insert various males he knows, though one by one) have p---s?
Paul: Yes, they have a p---s.

Judah: (insert various girls he knows) have p---s?
Paul: No, they are girls. They do not have a p---s.

Judah: Oh. Lightbulb have p---s?
Paul: No, lights do not have p---s.

Judah: Necklace have p---s?
Paul: No, necklace does not have p---s.

Judah: Closet have p---s?
Paul: The closet only has a p---s in it if Judah is hiding in the closet.

Judah: Oh.

I had tears running down my cheeks I was laughing so hard - Judah was asking these questions in all seriousness and Paul was answering them in equal seriousness. It.was.too.funny!


Jessica said...

Oh. my. goodness. I am DYING here. That was easily the funniest thing I will see/hear/whatever today. I LOVE that.

I can't imagine how long it took you to type that out......

Reminds me of a scene in "Look Who's Talking" (AGES ago) where the parents had magazines and books and were showing pictures of different famous people and the little boy had to say whether they were a boy or a girl. They were in the same stage, and it made for some rather humorous moments as the little boy couldn't decide on some of the pictures. At least that's how I'm remembering it....like I said, it was AGES ago.

TammyIsBlessed said...

That's hilarious! Love the closet one. LOL

Jen said...

LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing that!!!

"look who's talking" - I know what scene your talking about it was funny too!

Amber said...

LOL that's great!! I would definitely not be able to keep a straight face either.

Anonymous said...

My wife shared this with me. Too cute!

Reminds me of the deleted scene from Borat where he goes through a grocery store's cheese section asking the poor manager is each item was cheese . . .

"And what is this?"
"And what is this?"
"And what is this?"

You get the picture . . .

Nicole said...

LOL too funny! I don't know how Paul was able to keep it so serious. I am sure he was giggling deep down inside though.


How adorable...this post warms my beating heart!!! Trully blessed to have a sweet family~

Crystal said...


Jessica The Rock Chick said...

LOL....boys and their p---s'...the fascination begins early and never seems to end.....

I used to teach my kids the correct words for things, too. Then one day, my son was about 3 and we were in the middle of a grocery store and he screamed "Mom, my p----s is SOOOOO big! What's wrong with it?" The place was packed at the whole aisle just busted up laughing. After that I told him to call it a beeper ;)

Anonymous said...

Too absolutely adorable!!!

Thanks so much for the all out belly laugh! I so needed it! I have a feeling those boys of yours would have me giggling everyday!

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