Yard Sale Finds

We found a lot of NEEDS at yard sales this weekend - a spreader, an air pump, a picture frame for a big photograph we were needing to frame and some computer stuff - all things we were planning on buying anyway, but were thrilled to get them second hand for 90% or more off the regular price. But as exciting as those things are to us, they all make for rather boring pictures!

Here are two other items we picked up for a great deal:

Some bedding for our guest room. For $5 we got the quilt, the 5 pillows, a bedskirt and curtains. It's a tad bit country-ish for us, but it was the exact colors I want for our guest room, and for $5 we couldn't pass it up!

This leather book cover is one of my favorite things now. I have it covering a notebook right now, and I just love staring at it! I love the sewn edges, the leather bookmark, the torn corner and the design on the front. It's just so cute!!

Check out more yard sale bargains at Rhoda's!


Andie said...

I love the leather book cover. Great find!

Mary said...

Isn't it great when you find things you "need" and save. Love the bookcover!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Jessica, great finds, that bedding will be great for a guestroom. I love to find things that I need without going to the store. Makes my day. Thanks for coming by!

Kate said...

You can't beat $5 for bedding! Great bookcover too!

Janet said...

Great yard sale finds!

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