30 Days of Littles Day 20

Last summer we spent a good number of days swimming and one of my main hang ups of going swimming was the cost of swim diapers - they end up costing about $1 a piece, which is insane!

Earlier this year I had Judah in swimming lessons. Lessons were twice a week and we were going through disposable diapers like mad. (I know I said earlier that we don't do scheduled activities- swim lessons are the only thing I have scheduled with Judah and honestly, it was a lot of work! It interrupted Wesley's sleep schedule and made for a hectic morning trying to get there in time. And he still can't swim. Maybe if he was an only child it would have worked well, but it was too much for us and I wouldn't do it again anytime soon. Now we go to the outdoor pool about three times a week for fun as it's a short walk away from us.)

And then I noticed another mom at the pool had her son in reusable waterproof diapers.
I asked her where she'd gotten them from and she said Target had them, so right after that lesson I raced over and got Judah a pack. 2 pairs for $7!

Since then I have bought one other pack, for a total of 4 pairs of water proof training pants for $14. We have been to the pool many times - probably over 30 times since I bought them.
He has had accidents in them twice and the downside to them is you can't tear the sides like you can on regular swim diapers to pull them off, so unless you have something to cut the sides with it is a bit of a mess getting it off.
Maybe some moms would be economical and wash them out, but the ones that have gotten dirty I just toss.

I do wash them after each swim time to get out the chlorine and any urine accidents he may have had, and they do just fine in the washing machine. I have never put them in the dryer as they're plastic and I think they would melt. I let them air dry.

Maybe I am the only person on the planet who didn't know about these as an option for swimming (our pool doesn't allow regular diapers in the pool.) But maybe I'm not, and hopefully this post will help someone find a more economical way to spend your summer with little ones at the pool!


Sarah said...

I just use a regular cloth diaper without an insert in it when we go swimming with our kiddos...of course that is in our own pool so I don't have to follow other people's rules...lol

Kristin said...

I'm impressed that you tried swimming lessons. I was thinking about enrolling Helen this summer but couldn't figure out how to make it work with a baby! I'm not convinced it's worth it for such a young kid anyway...we'll probably do lessons next summer when she's almost 4.

Waterproof diapers are a great idea. I'll have to try that when Patrick is ready for the pool!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I did not know about those!! I wonder if I can find them here in Canada...

Kim said...

LOL - I would never have thought to use disposables!! Bummis and Kushies also make reusable swim diapers and can be washed.

I also have a friend who has a pair of swimming shorts for her son that has a diaper-like nylon inner part that would hold in poop.

Nicole said...

Yup everyone I know uses those swimming diapers, best invention. And like you, I just wash them out. I have found that I only reuse them once though, after 2 times in a pool is quite enough. Makes swimming alot more relaxing knowing notihng is going to leak into the pool :P

I blogged about Lamb for you too

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