30 Days of Littles Day 18

I have almost no pictures of my boys sleeping because they wake up at the sound of the camera shutter. They're light sleepers for sure!

We don't have family nearby to watch our boys and we very rarely get babysitters, and yet we maintain regular date nights at home by getting our kids to bed early and at the same time each night.

It took us awhile to find our nightly routine, but it's been working well for us for several months now. The boys know what to expect at bedtime - teeth and potty time (though admittedly I forget that part sometimes...), diapers and pajamas, three story books, prayer list, prayer, cuddle time with Judah while Wezzy gets swaddled, put in their beds, lights out and then a song of Judah's choosing.

It is nice knowing that after 8pm every evening it is our time.
I am working on a post for at home date night ideas for a future blog post :)


Jaimie Kylene said...

We get our kids to bed by 8 (even 7:30 some times!) every night too! Our routine is almost identical!
I love our kids dearly but the time after they go to bed is lovely!
Like you it took some work, but it was WEEELLLLLL worth it!

Anonymous said...

what time do your boys wake up?

Kristin said...

Helen's bedtime is 7:30. By that I mean, we make sure she's in bed by 7:30...she's usually asleep by 8. Patrick is almost on the same schedule and we're really working to make that happen. I agree with you, time after the kids are in bed is something that keeps me sane too.

Jessica Morris said...

The boys wake up between 8 and 9 and usually chatter to each other happily for 30 minutes or so before I get them up.

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