30 Days of Littles Day 17


After yesterdays post about valuing the important, and different, ways that dads contribute to their kids lives I thought I would share this video of Paul.

Paul does various exercises with Judah each day as a fun bonding time for the two of them (and as a way to burn off some of Judah's energy!!)

Paul made this video for Judah while he's away so that Judah can continue doing some of their exercises. Judah has been walking around the house growling "manly man" for the past two days. It's so funny!

And I kinda think Paul sounds a little mean at the beginning of the video, but he really isn't mean! He was just doing a mean Drill Sgt voice because that's just how my guys do their exercises! Barking orders and "Yes Sirs."

I think they do it to make me giggle.


Sis said...

Aw:) Paul is so great! He sounds rather amused at something...

kim said...

that is really cute. :D

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Hi Jessica-Nice to "meet" you! I adore your photos-the wingback in the woods-so random that it's beautiful.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Love the video, and I called Blaine so he could enjoy it too! I know you will be glad when he gets back. Jackie

Nicole said...

Awww, Paul is a cool dad Jessica :o) Judah is going to so love that video! So much fun!!!

By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your living room!!! I would LOVE To have a wall of shelves like that one day!

Jessica said...


1) I ditto Nicole's compliments on the wall of shelves. They made me drool a bit.

2)Leah didn't know what to think. I was watching this and she kept looking back and forth from me to the computer to me, like, "Who's that? That's not Daddy......."

3)I got a little worried about Paul at the end. I saw him getting closer and closer and closer to the mantle.....but then he fell on the couch instead. Guess that's the mounting mama-concern in me. =)

4)This was too, too cute. Such a sweet way for them to bond.

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