30 Days with Littles day 1

Ever since Judah has been stable walking on his feet I have had him carry in groceries from the car to the kitchen. I give him a bag or two that is heavy enough to challenge him – bags of flour or sugar for example. He is so proud of himself for carrying in the heavy bags, and he is doing something very useful for me.

(I do make sure he isn’t carrying anything delicate just in case he drops the bag!)

There are other opportunities we give him to use his strength (or build his strength!), help us out and teach him to complete a task.

Things like letting him push -or pull - his brother in a stroller or wagon.

Or carrying small piles of laundry up and down the stairs.

Or moving smaller pieces of furniture from point A to point B.

Asking Judah to pitch in and help with some physical work is sometimes a lot more work than help, but walking at his pace as he swerves his brother from side to side in the stroller or having to refold the pile of laundry he carries is a small sacrifice for the lessons he is learning and the pride he has when he does something himself.

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