Rocket Pop Mess

The four of us had a fun day together yesterday. We ran errands together. The boys were treated to some Rocket Pops. (And I am left wondering: why?? Why did anyone create frozen dyed sugar that melts? They must have hated mothers.)
In the evening we did a special dinner in honor of Paul for an early Father's Day celebration since he won't be with us on Sunday. Afterward we went outside and did some firecrackers and sparklers since he won't be with us for the 4th of July either.

It was a nice day spent together.

After the boys were scrubbed down and snoozing away in their beds I grabbed Paul's hand and asked him to come with me. We went and sat in our boys room and listened to their breathing as they slept. We smiled as Wesley tossed and turned a half dozen times while we were in there because he sleeps *just* like me. We smiled even more when we looked closely at Judah and saw him snuggled up tightly on one end of his big bed, clutching tightly in his fist one of his toys.

We sat in their room for several minutes, savoring the quiet. Enjoying the beauty of our sleeping children. Thankful for the treasures God has entrusted to us.

Enjoy your children today! Even more, enjoy them with your husband. But enjoy them without Rocket Pops.


mel said...

That is adorable. You're such a good mama. =]

And I love the picture!

Rachel said...

Love the picture!

You are right,our children are gifts from God. Enjoy them thoroughly, they grow up EXTREMELY fast.

TammyIsBlessed said...

That's the only way to eat those sticky treats - diapers only!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I saw this pic on Facebook, but Wesley sucking on the wrong end of the Rocket Pop is just priceless!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your Father's Day and Fourth of July celebrations!! I love hearing your family stories. There's so much love there. You are very blessed, Jessica!!!

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