Mystery Dinner

Last night we had a Mystery Dinner for the middle and high school age kids at church. It was SO much fun, and I think I had more fun seeing their wacky food combination plates than they did!

We had salt, pepper, butter and pitchers of water and juice on the table for them. Everything else (utensils and cups included!) they had to order from the "Mystery" Menu.

It was fine dining indeed.
We offered a 5 course meal, with 3 items being served at each course. If they got a utensil, cup, toothpick or napkin they were allowed to keep it all the way through. The food, however, they had to finish off during that course.

Everything was served on plates, so they didn't have to worry about ordering their own plate.

Check out some of these plates:

(on the plate being eaten) Fodder, Joker, Poker

A Lump of Dough, Search and Rescue, Beaten Cow

Inch Worms, A Poker, A Nose Hanger

A Nose Hanger, Search and Rescue and Scattered Lines

Inch Worms, Chewed Root, Ol-lej


Stacy said...

LOL I thought my family was the only ones that hung spoons on our noses!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, this is a FUN idea. I've been on progressive dinners, but this is even BETTER!!

Sis said...

That is so cool! I must use it up here!!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Mystery dinners are AWESOME!!

Snow White said...

I loved these growing up -- in fact, one birthday we did this :)

Astrid said...


I've never been to a mystery dinner before (or heard of them either). Funny! What did the kids think?

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