Measuring Tape & Daddy Love

Last night he begged me to "cuddle in daddy's bed."
I'd of slept with the munchkin all night in my bed, 'cept he doesn't sleep when there are people within touching distance. He gave me a 20 minute back rub and a 15 minute head rub - all in an effort to not have to go to sleep. Ahhh, it was nice.

But I didn't want to deal with a sleep deprived 2 year old today, so after 2 hours of cuddling time and no sleep I told him I was going to put him in his bed.

And he sobbed.
He sobbed for his daddy.
I felt so helpless.

And then I got the idea to let him wear Paul's hoodie to bed.
See the little smile starting to form on his face? He was so proud to be wearing his daddy's shirt. And the little smile was because we were taking a picture to send Paul.

He also grabbed Paul's measuring tape to sleep with and fell asleep minutes after I tucked him in his own bed.


TammyIsBlessed said...

That's so sweet.

How long is Paul gone for?

Jaimie Kylene said...

Oh my goodness! That is sooo precious!

(I tend to do that when my hubby goes out of town!!)

BeckeyZ said...

I love it, Jessica. And what a great idea.

Ben took my old pillow when I got a new one. He says he likes it because it smells like me. Makes my heart melt.

Jen said...

Aww :)

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