30 Days of Littles Day 16

Have you noticed how differently your husband parents than you?
Paul has definitely made my heart race faster with some of his ideas - from how high he tosses the boys in the air to the spicier foods he lets them try to the more daring things he teaches them to the gross critters he lets them touch.

I'll be honest, sometimes I am tempted to say NO! You can't do that to my son.
But then I (usually!) remember - he is Paul's son too. Paul loves him just as much as I do. Paul is just as concerned for their safety, well being and character development as I am.

Paul, in his daring, adventurous, so unlike me style is teaching our boys how to be boys. He is teaching them how to not be squirmy when it comes to bugs and critters. He is teaching them how to use their excessive energy in fun and safe ways. He is building strong bonds with his sons.

I appreciate the time Paul invests in our boys and the things that he is teaching them that I never could.

While this isn't really an activity idea to do with your little one(s), in honor of Father's Day I want to encourage you to encourage the relationship between father and child. It is invaluable.


Jessica The Rock Chick said...

What a great picture!!! Dads are invaluable to kids...and even we grown ups, too! My husband has had my heart racing with some of the exact things you've mentioned Paul does, too. But, I'm a chicken about a lot of things and my kids aren't. I'm glad my husband instilled a bit of daredevil into them! LOL

Kristin said...

I've been thinking about this a lot today. I love that Chris has introduced Helen to dirt and farm equipment and animals in ways that I never could/would. I also look forward to watching him teach Patrick to be a man. I think the differences between mothers and fathers in parenting style is a wonderful gift of God.

Sis said...

Seeing as I have no experience in this matter, all I can say is I do hope they have clothes on in that picture ;)

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