30 Days of Littles Day 15

Another big sanity saver in this house is that the boys eat what we are eating. When they're just starting on foods they either get jarred or mushed vegetables, but once they're table eaters, they eat what we eat.

I grew up with that, as did Paul, and it blows my mind that some moms make TWO meals for each meal time - a kid friendly one and their own. Whew, that exhausts me just thinking about it!


Keetha Broyles said...

I'm with you on this one too, sista!!! I did the same thing with my kids. AND, I babysat for four or five children back in those days and I taught THEM to eat table food too.

You go girl.

Rachel said...

You are a very smart woman! I had a picky eater and can't imagine what he would eat like today if I had made him a separate meal of his choosing for his whole life.

Kristin said...

Oh yeah. I have friends who are shocked that Helen will eat certain foods. But I think that if you just raise them that way then it's all they know. Bottom line: I am not a short order cook.

Kim said...

OOoh, I wish I could do more of this! Gwen is a gagger and because she's so tiny, I feel like I *need* to have her eat the things that I know she'll eat instead of her going hungry. She's still - at a year - waking between 1 & 3 times to nurse, so I can't imagine what it would be like if she wasn't consuming those calories during the day.

I won't be doing this forever though, you can bet on that! And it's not like I prepare a separate meal, just chop up an avocado or cheese, pour out some yogurt, and chop up a kiwi ;) I continue to offer her whatever we're eating in the hopes that she'll someday try it all :)

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

We started out doing exactly that, but between food allergies, my daughter's eating disorder and the individual likes and dislikes (mine included, I admit), it's not uncommon any longer here to find my hubby cooking three different entrees at times for dinner. In the summer it's easier because everything can just go on the BBQ. It's harder in the wintertime to do this, but that's when leftovers and freezer meals come in really handy for us.

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