Making the Best of Renovations

This is our dining room. It has looked like that almost since we moved in.

The day we signed for the house my brother and I ripped the carpet up.

And then it sat there, bare floored, while Paul and I debated which hardwood to purchase.

We finally decided. Or, more accurately, Paul decided. I didn't care so long as it looked pretty. It is hand scraped-something-or-other. Seriously. We spent tons of money on wood and I don't even know what it is! Oh wait. I just called the man at work. It is birch. I could just hear him rolling his eyes when I asked the question. I've asked it a million times now!

Anyways. So we decided on the wood and ordered it.
And then we waited for it.
And waited some more.
We bought our wood from Lumber Liquidators and while they have great quality and excellent prices their customer service STINKS.

But the wood finally came and our contractor got to work putting the floor in:

He (with much help from his daddy!!) put in the entire hardwood floor - just the two of them! I'm so proud of them.

But the dining room is STILL not completed. Paul said it will be ready sometime this week for us to officially move into our dining room, though even then there will be some things left to do in there. But I am SO excited about using our dining room AT LAST!

We have been eating all of our meals on our enclosed back porch. Paul dragged our heavy table out there and we've enjoyed sitting out there and looking at all the beautiful greenery that surrounds us in the back yard.

It is peaceful and relaxing on the back porch, and we have all enjoyed eating our meals out there for the past few months. But we're ready to reclaim the back porch for our patio furniture and to get a dining room all set up!
If all goes as planned I'll have pictures of the new floor up this week!


Jeanie said...

Nice back porch!

Good for Paul and Judah on the flooring.

Keetha Broyles said...

Your "contractor" is the cutest I've ever seen.

Oh - - - VERY SAD FACE - - - I was WAITING to see a picture of the new floor!!!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

The back porch looks like a great place to eat, I know you will be glad to get in the dining room. When Paul gets ready to do some more work tell him to call Blaine. He is super lonesome I think and needs to be needed. He will come any time he can if he is not in school. Can't wait to get over there. I have loved all of your yard sale finds, and have regretted very much not dragging myself over there to the base yard sale. Those shelves were a great buy! Blaine and Ansley were both here this weekend so we had a great time looking at all the pictures of the boys. Have a great week. Jackie

Keetha Broyles said...

Jessica, Yes it WAS me who asked about the mystery dinner and said we'd done lots of progressive dinners. BTW - - - are you or is your hubby a youth pastor?

I'm not sure that we did anything very creative with our progressive dinners beyond the progressive part. BUT, once we did do a progressive "fast food" dinner. Instead of going to homes we took them to various fast foot restaurants - - - you know, Appetizers at Applebees, Salad at Burger King, Main Course at Taco Bell, Dessert at DQ - - - something like that.

I like the theme idea also.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm back again - - - I just found your comment about living in West Africa for a year. Now I'm wondering where. I spent the better part of one summer in Africa - - - Sierra Leone, Zambia, and South Africa with short stops in Zimbabwe and Ghana.

TammyIsBlessed said...

That last picture is just amazing. So homey and inviting!

Jen said...

I love your Contractor he is cute!

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