Happy Birthday

Dear Wezzy,
It doesn't seem possible that you have been with us for one year! This year has flown by, and every single day of it we have been delighted by your radiant eyes, smiling face and contagious laugh.
You are adored and loved by your brother, daddy and me.

You slipped right into your roll as younger brother quite seamlessly - you have never objected to the abundant affectionate Judah has bestowed upon you, in fact, you seem to delight in any attention you get from your brother (which is a lot!).

In the morning when you first wake up and after nap time when you wake up, you boys spend upwards of an hour just giggling at each other - I adore your baby giggle and your ability to so easily entertain yourself. You come by that honestly!

For the most part you play very well with your brother. Sometimes his bouncy curls prove to be too much of a temptation and you give them a tug and he in turn yells "No, Wezzy, no. Don't touch hair." And then you giggle.

And while most of the time you are cheery and bubbly you certainly can hold your own- if Judah wants a toy that you particularly like you hold onto that toy with all your strength. If Judah manages to get that toy from you your fiery temper shines through.

Your fiery temper doesn't show itself very often, but when you do have a temper it is a nasty one. We're working on that with you and praying that your passion will be used for God honoring things.

You are very obedient, and while I probably shouldn't say this, it is almost comical just how obedient you are;

Up until the last couple of weeks you have been swaddled tightly before every nap and bedtime - it's just how you liked to sleep! A few weeks ago we noticed you fighting it, so we stopped swaddling you and just lightly wrapped a blanket around you. With this new found freedom you loved to jump up after being laid in your crib and so we worked with you on having you lay down in your crib - and stay laying down.
The last few nights you have gotten mad about being told to lay down at bedtime and you have lain in bed for 10+ minutes crying because you were told to lay down - but you stay down. You haven't once tried to get up!

You have been a chatty baby for a long time - you started with "Mmmm" for momma when you were about 6 months old and about 8 months you started saying "Momma" and soon after added "Dadda" to your vocabulary. Those two words are the only words we recognize so far.

You are a pro stair climber - much better at going up than coming down, but much to my dislike you enjoy going down the stairs too. Daddy and I are convinced you are going to be the son that sees the ER the most :) You are a little daredevil with little fear and less caution.

You are affectionate and love a good cuddle with me or daddy. Recently you've started crawling up to us to limply place your wet lips on our lips - your kisses are so sweet and come at random times throughout the day, they are cherished.

The first year of your life has been a delightful one, and I am looking forward to each day that this next year holds.

I adore you.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

It is hard to believe that Wesley is a year old. My how time flies especially at my age. Great idea with the wooden fruit for the boys. By the way. Joe found a small tent (roadside) would you like it for the boys. It is like a mini one man tent. Just perfect for little ones. It was missing the poles and he got it to work with 2 pieces of plastic tubing. Let me know, and I will bring it if you are interested. Jackie

Kristin said...

Beautiful. Isn't it amazing how fast the first year flies by? When you're in the moment it seems like forever but as soon as you look up it's gone. I'm already feeling that way about Patrick and he's only 3 months old!

Your boys are so precious. I love watching them grow online!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

He's a year old already? WOW!!! You'd think I'd know that since I live out my baby yearnings through you! LOL This was so sweet! The #2's always seem to be little firecrackers at times, don't know why!! I just love the last pic with the hat! So cute!!!

Oh, and they shipped my print today! Yay! Can't wait til it gets here. Thanks so much for the contest and for helping me with the order! You're the best!

Es said...

I love that boy! Get Judah to cover him in kisses and hugs from me!!!

Aunt Polly said...


What a wonderful letter to your year old son. He is a sweetheart for us up here and we pray that God will get hold of his little heart at an early age so he will live for Him the rest of his life.

We love you


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