A Pile of Junk

We have this fabulous collection of junk behind the shed in our backyard. We likely won't get around to cleaning it up for years since you can't see it unless you walk behind the shed - and who goes snooping behind other peoples sheds?!
The couple who lived here before us left this to us, and I am being totally honest!, there's some pretty cool stuff in there.
Some plant stands, terracotta pots, a metal trash can.
I think it will be fun to dig through it all and separate the trash from the treasures... but that will be way, way down the road. Like on a day when I have nothing else in the world to do.


Jessica said...

Hmm.....a day with nothing at all to do? Yeah.....Wesley might be 18. =) That would be fun to dig through, though. Kind of like a yard sale in your own back yard!

Anonymous said...

OOOOO!!! Looks like a fun time to me!! Of course the mere sighting of terracotta brings me joy!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Ummmmm - - - - I think there are plenty of thrifty bloggers who would LOVE to help you with this project.

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