To Rug Or Not to Rug

I have always wanted rugs for our house, but I have never (and still!) don't really know what size, style or color to buy - there are too many options! And they aren't cheap. It'd be a shame to spend so much on one only to discover a few months later that it really wasn't as nice as I'd thought.

Last week I was in Target and they had these door mats on clearance for $3.50! I picked up three of them for our back porch and I just love how cheery they are. We have three doors on our back porch - two leading outside and one leading inside, in case you were trying to figure out why I'd bought three mats!

Having bought these mats they've got me thinking about rugs again... I would really love to venture out of my non-rug-ness look I've got going on and find some fabulous rugs for our home. But then I start thinking maybe I wouldn't like the rug look. I'm having commitment issues.

Do you rug? Do you like it?


Catherine said...

I hate rugs because they do not stay in place and my husband will not help me keep them in place!!!! Arg!! And I do not have rugs by choice... we are staying with my husband's family right now and they are the ones that put them here.

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Keetha Broyles said...

I personally love them.

I find mats, throw rugs, etc at places like Dollar General. They are very inexpensive there, and if they get ruined, dirty, or I get tired of them - - - I just toss them out and find new ones.

Bethany said...

Adam and I are "rugging" right now. We are refinishing the basement and we need a rug, so we can paint colors. It may sound backwards, but that is how I pick paint. I love rugs. Bravo on the cheery cherry rugs from Target. :)

Amber said...

I love rugs, they just add so much color and style to a room. They can be hard to keep in place sometimes.
I'm also famous for always changing my mind on what color or style of rug I want/like, therefore often throwing out rugs in favor of something "better". lol! That's why I always buy the cheapest Dollar General and Wal-Mart rugs.

Jeanie said...

We have a great rug in the baby's room. We also bought a rug mat thingie that you put under it and it keeps it from sliding all over.

Love that rug in there.

Also have a rug by the front door and back door. Hey, we live in snow country - you can't trash your hardwood floors just so you don't have to look at a rug. (That's my philosophy.)

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