Freezer Meals - Part 1

Why OAMC Isn't For Us
I am starting a special feature on my blog this week - a five part series on Freezer Meals. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will try my hardest to find an answer to the questions, and will post them as part of the series. A new post will be published daily over the next five week days, so stick around and enjoy!

This past week I became obsessed with the idea of Once a Month Cooking - or OAMC. The concept is that you spend an entire day (5 - 8 hours from what I read) assembling and/or cooking meals for your family to eat over the next month. I spent a good deal of time researching the subject and have decided that it is not for us
at this stage of our life. I think it is a wonderful concept, but with two little ones under two years of age it isn't possible to devote 5-8 hours in one day to being in the kitchen. There are also a few other things that turned me off the idea.
  • Paul and I like to cook, and enjoy creating dishes together or for each other. Doing it only once a month wouldn't be fun, it would be a chore.
  • On top of the 5-8 hours of actual meal-making, a detailed grocery shopping trip is required and prep work prior to the day.
  • Paul is away a lot with work, and often times with only a short amount of notice. This would entirely throw off a meal schedule.
  • OAMC seems rather formal and schedule oriented. We are neither.
All of those points can be argued by a passionate OAMC-er. But I am not looking to argue, just sharing in part why this is not for us right now. That being said I have learned a lot through my research on OAMC and have become thoroughly impassioned about freezer cooking. Stick around and I will share with you some of the things I have learned about freezer cooking, why I love it and how it can work for you.

Next: Freezer Meals - Part 2: Freezer Cooking; Why it is for us


Crystal said...

I'm with ya girl. Love freezer & batch cooking, but could never pull off OAMC.

Jen said...

OAMC sounds like something my grandma might do because she lives alone and doesn't get out much.

Bethany said...

You make me smile... Well, if you are not formal or schedule oriented, then you sure can claim organized! I haven't ever met any who plans shopping trips as well as you do, or coupon books for that matter. It's very inspiring. That's probably why your blog was mentioned in that MSN Money thingy.

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