The Little Moments

Judah runs up to me while I am vacuuming.

"Mummy!" He said, in a concerned tone. And then he pointed at Wesley, who was crying in his swing.

Not wanting to stop vacuuming, and yet not wanting to ignore Judah's concern for his brother I asked; "Judah, could you go make Wesley happy for a minute?"

I waited to resume vacuuming, wanting to see if Judah understood me.
I watched Judah charge over to the swing, pick up Wes' paci and stick it in his mouth.

Then he pulled it out, turned it upside down, and stuck it back in. Wesley laughed.

So Judah pulled it out and turned it right way up again and stuck it back in. Wes laughed again.

They played their little game for quite some time - paci in, paci out, paci flipped over, paci back in - over and over. They laughed at each other, smiled at each other and had a brother bonding moment.

The vacuuming didn't get done - I sat on the couch, enjoying them.


Nicole said...

That is so sweet Jessica, what a lovely story!! Don't you love watching your kids play together and enjoy one another? It warms your heart!

Fire Hunt said...

I love just watching my kids.

The Rock Chick said...

Beautiful story! I love how you always remember to stop and take notice of the sweeter things in life. It's so important. That's the stuff I totally miss about having little kids!!!

Jessica said...

My heart is melting! That's the sweetest thing ever!

Bethany said...

What a precious story!! :)

Rachel said...

That sounds so adorable. I hope you were able to catch some of it on video. I enjoy watching my boys when they were that age (on video) and my oldest was feeding my youngest cheerios, etc... My boys are 15 months apart.

Crystal said...


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