Judah's Blue Bread

Judah helped me make Blueberry Orange Bread today.

First he washed the oranges and held onto the bag of blueberries.

Then he sampled the orange to make sure it was good enough for the recipe.

Next he helped mix up the berries and orange and nuts.

He stole a quick taste of it.

Despite the expression I managed to capture that looks disgusted, what he said was "Mmm!"

Next he grabbed my bowl for the dry ingredients, put it in the sink and filled it with water - all while I was getting the flour.

I grabbed another dry-ingredient bowl and he used the massive mixing bowl as a cup - he drank lots of water and thought it was very funny.

I squeezed the oranges to get the juice out and he sucked on the remains. He ate three oranges for breakfast and then sucked two clean while I baked. He just loves fruit!

"Wow!" "Oh wow! Oh wow!" Those were Judah's words while watching everything in the mixer.

Our blue Blueberry and Orange Bread. So yummy!

Baking with him was kinda fun :) Definitely a bit more work, but also a lot of fun. Wesley hung out on the carpet right by the kitchen and watched us.
Did you notice Judah's dish towel apron? Oh to have a waist small enough for a dish towel to tie around :)

Our new counter tops are featured in the pictures too - as well as some of the plaster I need to paint over!


Crystal said...

Haha, that's so cute. :)

Yummy bread. Recipe? ;)

Bethany said...

Oh what fun! I bet he loved every minute of baking with Mum. And I was wondering what the kid was wearing!

Jen said...

Looks like he had a very fun time making blue bread :)

Plaster :/ well atleast its small...

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