Camera Love

The camera came today instead of yesterday.

I got to keep it all day long. In fact it's sleeping over at our house tonight.

I took over 700 pictures today.

The boys patience wore thin after 300.

So I borrowed a friend and took another 300 of her.

And I took just over 100 of random stuff.

I won't show you all the pictures. I promise.

Here are three from today - one of each boy and my friend, Elizabeth.

If you want to see more pictures of Elizabeth check out the album HERE


Jen said...

I love the photos! They look great, It must be awesome to get to play around with a dslr camera lucky you!

Nicole said...

Gorgeous photo's Jessica! Had to laugh that the boys were over it after a while :)

Shannon said...

LOVE... the pictures
and would LOVE to get my hands on that camera :)

bestest brother ever (= said...

i LOVE LOVE the one of judah!
it's so... like... model....
he should model... be like zoolander =)
is that red heart in the corner a coincidence? or were you sneaky and slipped it in whilst editing?
aaaaaand, i need to snuggle both of them... especially wesley, cause he can't run away yet....!
actually, all three of your subjects look like models... is that the camera? or is that reality?hmmm?

Fire Hunt said...

I love all the photos!

Jessica said...

Oh, wow. Those are gorgeous! The album on facebook is awesome - I love, love, LOVE the ones of her with the green sweater.

I think you're onto something here.... =)

Bethany said...

I see why you just *love* that camera. Lucky you, to get to have it overnight. Maybe someday you can have one of your very own. Someday.

BeckeyZ said...

Fun isn't it?

I'm taking the kids to do the yearly pumpkin patch portraits tomorrow. Will be blogging the pics soon after. Stop by and check them out!

The Rock Chick said...

Oh WOW! Those pics of the boys are fantastic!!! Jessica, you should go pro. Seriously. Your eye is a gift.

mel said...

Awesome pictures!!

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