Camera Fund

I have a new-found passion to earn money now that I have a goal in mind. (That would be the camera!) I have created a goal for myself to pull in money each week. Still working out the details of *how* I'll earn the money, but to motivate myself I thought I'd do weekly updates.

I have a jar sitting on my desk that is holding the cash.

This past week I earned $43 at a consignment shop.

This coming week I have plans to sell stuff on craigslist and do more writing - writing doesn't pay much, but every little bit helps. And the articles continue to earn money. I haven't written anything in nearly two months, and yet this month I've earned $4. For articles I've written long ago. Kinda cool. Last month I earned $11. So, I hope to write more to earn more.

Will update in a week.


Stacy said...

I'm curious where you publish your writing to. I did Associated Content for a while, but sort of got away from it. It does still earn me a small amount of money every month though.

Jessica said...

I, too, am curious about where you write. I did Helium for a little while but didn't have a lot of luck so I quit. (Probably would have had more luck if I had kept it up....but anyway....)

Crystal said...

I have an idea. Come here and help me solder all these stinking silver links! That earns money pretty fast. :oP

A friend of mine gets baby clothes super cheap somehow (thrift shops? garage sales?) and then sells them on ebay. Kinda sneaky.

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