The Trip North

Judah befriended a trucker at one of our pit stops. The man let Judah into his truck to blow the trucks horn. I took a picture. Because that's what I do.

This city called "SOUTH OF THE BORDER" was advertised for at least 50 miles along the highway. So we decided to stop. It was a colorful tourist trap. Complete with giraffe, bear and coyote statues. We didn't get the connection. But it made us laugh.
We saw this road sign and it made us laugh. We thought of Amanda and Craig.

So pretty!


Bethany said...

How nice of that man to let Judah blow the horn! What a great way to make the trip "extra" fun for the little guy. And probably the trucker too. :) Have fun in VA!

Shannon said...

I've been there!!
we used to drive by it when we went to visit my aunt, and we always laughed!

Fire Hunt said...

How long is that for you all?

Jessica said...

I've been to South of the Border several times. We used to live in Virginia and would stop there when we'd come south to visit the grandparents. That place is nuts. So tacky, but I love it! I love when I see people with South of the Border bumper stickers on their cars. I think, "Um......you liked it enough to put something pretty permanent on your car? O-kay......"

Jen said...

What a fun trip, and Judah is so cute I love his curly hair.

amanda said...

We own a road... I'm coming over to claim it on behalf of the whole Cunningham clan... thanks for thinking of us!

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