My Boys

I am slowly going through the other 700+ pictures I took on Saturday. So you'll slowly be seeing more pictures on here.
I have posted about 20 in an album on facebook - you can see it HERE.

I dream about this camera daily. Well, not the exact camera. I've decided to go for one many hundred dollars cheaper. But it's still a 'spensive camera. So I still dream. They are such pleasant dreams.


Bethany said...

I love all of the new pics!! You are so determined and resourceful; you'll have that fancy camera in no time!

Olelady Smiles said...

And you are going to share with me--I love all your photos. You really have the eye a great photographer needs when she looks at the world thru a camera lens

Nicole said...

Jessica they are just gorgeous pics. Of course it helps that your two boys are some of the most good looking boys I have seen :)

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