I guess no one noticed *smile*, but Judah had his hair cut two weeks ago.
His very first hair cut!

Judah and his best buddy Baynham went together.

Baynham's been through it all before, so he was cool about it. Judah was excited tho.

Judah had a bottle to help keep the fidgeting down. He did great!

Baynham looks like a pro, chilled back in his chair.

I love how they need to put hair clips in our boys hair in order to cut it.

Judah really was super good!

My three tips for keeping your kid happy for their first hair cut:

1. Give them their favorite drink.
2. Give them a snack.
3. Video tape them on your camera and play it back to them while they sit in the chair.


Amy said...

Those curls are adorable. None of my kids had curls...just stick straight hair...sad :(

Jen said...

aww :)

Crystal said...

Love those curls.

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