My friend MEL tagged me for a meme I think I've already done... but hey - if I can't quite remember if I have done it I don't think any of you will remember if I've done it!

So here it is;

Six Random Things About Me

  1. I like to use the self check out at grocery stores because I take all our coins (think pennies and nickels) and pay for as much of the bill as I can with them. The other day I had $6 worth of coins. It humored me.
  2. I pretend to sneeze throughout my day because it makes Judah belly laugh.
  3. I just got new kitchen counters put in. The old kitchen counters were made from floor tile. They were so nasty. But our new counters are cool and were paid for by our land lord.
  4. I wrote letters to both sets of my grandparents today. Now I just need to mail them.
  5. Yesterday I had a cashier try telling me that to get 75% off a total of an item you take 25% off of the 50% off price. When I told her that you actually take 50% off of 50% to get 75% off she told me that you couldn't do that because that would be 100% off. This person was older than me. And when she discovered that I, in fact, was right she told me that the store trained her that way.
  6. I have a super cool collection of post-it-notes. I rarely use them. But I think they look cool, so they sit on a shelf on my desk.
I am going to tag SHANNON, GARSY, AMY, BETHANY and anyone else that wants to play along!


mel said...

Thanks for humoring me, pal. =)

Crystal said...

LOL You always have amusing stories of less than intelligent cashiers.

I like self checkout too, because I prefer to bag my own items.

Jen said...

I like self check outs, and I to have a collection of post notes I keep around but haven't ever used lol

Yay for new counter tops :)

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