Have Your Pie And Eat It

Yesterday was Paul's first day back at work. That's both a good thing and a bad thing - it's good because he now has a solid structure, somewhat of a routine, something to keep him busy and lots of people around him every day. It's bad for, well, basically the same reasons that it is good.

But he survived his first day back, and now he's on day two back.

Tuesday night (yup, same night my camera came to visit me!) I decided to have a special "Going Back to Work" meal for Paul. I did a roast, veggies and bread and then Paul's favorite - I made him pumpkin pie. This man adores pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pie only because it means I get to eat whipped cream. I usually eat the cream and give my piece of pie away. I'm not a pumpkin pie fan.

It was a real sacrifice to make a dessert that I don't really like. But made it I did. And I did eat it. More than just the whipped cream. And I still don't like it all that much. It's not as bad as I thought it to be, but it's not my favorite.


The Rock Chick said...

Glad Paul's recovered and back! I love pumpkin pie! In fact, it's the only pie that I really do like!

Joy said...

I LOVE LOVE Pumpkin Pie!!

I just learned this Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada) that you can acctually make it with any type of veggie... I also never knew that my Granmother made it with CARROTS!! Its acctually good, and has a bit of a sweeter taste. Maybe you'd like it better if made with a different vaggie!!

Bethany said...

I love pumpkin pie and am amazed that it is one you do not care for. I bought myself a pumpkin last month, but still have yet to make a pie out of it. Maybe soon... It is my hubby's favorite too.

Jen said...

I love pumpkin pie (yummy) But hey I like whipped cream too!

Crystal said...

I used to love pumpkin pie when I was younger, but now I don't really like it at all. I can tolerate it, but it's not something I'd choose to eat. Now apple pie I love.

And pumpkin bread? I'm so there.

BeckeyZ said...

I need to make some pumpkin pie. My favorite (and one of the easiest) recipe is the "perfect pumpkin pie" recipe by eaglebrand. It's soooooooo yummy.

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