Judah's favorite book right now is my favorite book to read. It's called "Heedley Pecked Me In The Eye" and the book starts like this;

"Heedley pecked me in the eye,
It did not bleed,
I did not cry.
It's not his fault he can't discern,
An eyeball from a juicy worm."

Now tell me, aren't you just dying to hear the rest of the story? I could read this book over and over again. Which I often end up doing. Last night I read it five times in a row. Judah loves it. I love it. We're all happy.
There are more books by this author and I want to find them. I like books that make me laugh while I read them. It makes reading them over and over again so much easier.

Wesley had a doctors appointment last week and he is nearly 15lbs. He's still a very happy, laid back baby and puts up with with his brothers affections quite well.
He has been dubbed "Wezzy" by big brother. I quite like it.


BeckeyZ said...

"Wezzy?" that is just too cute. I like books like that too. One of Evelyn's favorites is "Priscilla and the Pink Planet." It's almost dr seuse like in it's verse. And it's written and illustrated by the kids of Hollie Hobbie (Nathaniel and Jocelyn Hobbie). She got it at the library first, and I finally had to buy it for her.

mel said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Cute pictures!!

And I love the way that book starts. Sounds way cute!

mum said...

Do you remember "There are rocks in my socks" said the ox to the fox. "Lumpy old, bumpy old rocks in my socks." ???
Can't wait for Judah to come up so we can read it to him... somehow Esther and Caleb just don't enjoy it anymore!!!

Fire Hunt said...

I like kid books there are some good ones.

Crystal said...

Blood? Tears? Pecking eyes??!!

Sounds disturbing.

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