Hot Chocolate

It's the time of year for hot drinks. I just wish we had cute mugs to drink out of. We own Army mugs, Anthrax Kills mugs, massive 4 cup mugs ... I am a good wife and haven't broken any of the ugly mugs. Yet. I am just waiting for the day I can buy cute mugs. Till then I drink my hot drinks out of Paul's bachelor day mugs. The drinks still taste good. Like this rich, delicious Hot Chocolate.


Bethany said...

What you need is a good tile floor and an "accidently" very clumsy moment. I had one of those, but it really was an accident and it happened with a rather high stack of bowls. This fact now encourages me to wash my dishes more frequently so I don't run out of clean bowls.

If you guys have The Christmas Tree Shoppe in GA, they sometimes have inexpensive cute mugs.

Crystal said...

I still haven't replaced my dishes even though I'm missing bowls. I keep forgetting to get them when I go to Target, and Target online hasn't put them on free shipping again. Stupid Target.

But, I mean, who wouldn't want to drink out of a cup that says Anthrax Kills? That's high class!

Jen said...


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