Our Whole Day - Recap

We are celebrating Christmas a little bit early in our house. Paul found this Kitchen Aid on craigslist.com for a sweet, sweet deal. He's wanted one of these since the beginning of, uh, well, the beginning of us. He has drooled over them in the store. He's posted pictures of them in his closet. He even talks about them in his sleep. I'm only partly kidding about his obsession with having a nice food mixer. And totally kidding about the pictures being in the closet.

So anyways, Paul found this for an amazing price. He's a great guy, and knows how to bargain for a good deal. He makes me proud.
We didn't actually have the money budgeted to buy the mixer - these retail for well over $400, and we didn't think we'd be getting one in the foreseeable future, so it was most definitely not a budgeted expense. Even at the deeply discounted price.

The thing about working with a budget is that you can't make money appear where it isn't. If there's no budget for it, then you can't buy it.
Or you find a way to make it fit in the budget - like declare it your Christmas gift to each other and pull the money from your Christmas money fund. So this is our (main) Christmas gift to each other. We're both rather thrilled about it. We're beyond thrilled. We're in love.
We picked it up this afternoon, which makes it officially Christmas for us. So Merry Christmas y'all!

Moving on... I made a quick run in to Kroger to check on the Manager Deals. I check a couple times a week, at least. My heart beats a little bit faster when I see those orange stickers. I was not disappointed. Today the well loved Meat Manager had Ground Turkey for .99 cents a pound. It was down from $4.69! I bought ten pounds of it, and tomorrow I will make it into meals to go in the freezer. Does anyone have any favorite ground turkey recipes?

We spent a happy, sunny afternoon looking at and picking out gourds at a somewhat-local gourd farm. I never knew gourds came in so many different shapes and sizes! It was a lot of fun exploring all the different gourds.
Judah insisted on pulling his brother in the wagon up and down the many rows of gourds. Goofy kid.
I bought seven gourds, with good intentions to turn each one into a piece of art. I can always hope... right?! Have any of you ever done any gourd-art? Curious minds want to know. And want ideas.


Bethany said...

Oh my... I have ALWAYS wanted a Kitchen Aid. Not that I have any real need for one. But they are so pretty and can do so many cool things. Like make bread dough or cookie dough twice as fast than by hand. Very exciting! Maybe I'll have to check Craig's List more often.

Amazing meat deal. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE green chile stew and ground turkey goes in there. But you have to have green chiles and I'm not sure they grow in Georgia. But they do grow in New Mexico (if you happen to be going that way anytime soon...)

And those are very many,very odd shaped gourds you have there... Um, I don't buy gourds to make artsy things. Instead I buy old doorknobs. Lets see who can be the craftiest first...

Oh, and Merry Christmas!!

Weeksie50 said...

I have never used craigslist. I live in a small town though and I doubt there would be anything in my area..

Congrats on your awesome deal..

Nicole said...

Ummmm what is a gourd??

BeckeyZ said...

I love my kitchen Aid!!! My mil gave it to us for our wedding present. It is my most favorite kitchen appliance.

Jen said...

Those mixers are about 200 new where I live... My aunt who baked a lot she gave me hers which is awesome!! and still in good condition. Its and older version but they are awesome!

Di said...

Great deal!!!!

I use ground turkey for anything that calls for ground beef.

The picture of Judah pulling the wagon is priceless!!!

Chelsea Rae said...

I love gourds!! Unfortunately the closest I have come to being artsy with them is putting them in a clear bowl on my table with a pretty ribbon around it... the only gourds we get up here are small ornamental ones though, not HUGE ones like in your picture!

The Rock Chick said...

We have the emerald green Kitchen-Aid mixer and while I will totally admit that it does nothing for me, my hubby, the chef, just loves it. Did yours come with any attachments? My husband makes sausage with that thing!

I'm glad you found one you love!

Crystal said...

Jen - the higher end ones with all metal gears retail for quite a bit higher than $200. The common models - the Artisan and lower - are the ones that are about that price.

Can you tell I'm a converted KitchenAid freak?

Have fun with yours, Jessica. :D I smile at mine when I walk by. I know, I'm sick. I'm sure Paul understands. :P

Amanda said...

Hey Jess... turkey meat... I love making (okay, I've only made it once... but it was good) greek turkey burgers... and then instead of ketchup and stuff you use tzaiki (sp?) sauce... very good. Love ya! Talk to ya later... do you think you could bring your kitchen aid up at Christmas so I can show Craig all the wonderful things it does and then maybe he'll let me start thinking about buying one??? Hehehehe... just joking.

Olelady Smiles said...

Gourds are so fun--I wood burn mine and then paint with leather paints.

Did you go to Wrens for your gourds

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