Mmm! We made a batch of these this week and they are disappearing rather quickly. But I am back at the gym running - so it's ok, right?!
I posted the recipe for them on the other blog back in May - here it is: Cinnamon Rolls.

Definitely worth making! :)


Jen said...

Here I am at work Hungry...then you post pictures of your delicious Cinnamon Rolls. lol

Look yummy though :)

Nicole said...

mmmmm gooeylicious!!!

Amanda said...

I made a batch of them this week too!!!! Though I can't find vanilla pudding mix here so I use custard mix and I definitely think there's a difference. Yeah for cinnamon buns.

Claire said...

Nyom! They look delicious!


~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

OMG!! Those look delicious!!! I am a Cinnamon Rolls freak, I just LOVE them. My mom used to make them for me all the time, then she stopped!!

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