I heart my boys

Boys are unbelievably fun. These two adore each other. They still make each other cry if one is crying. Now that Wesley giggles and laughs they set each other off with giggles and laughter.
Judah asks to hold Wesley every single day and loves to touch various body parts on Wesley and ask me what they are and then point to the same body parts on himself or on me. So cute.

Judah loves to walk, and very obediently holds my hand through our grocery shopping trips. Makes for awkward one-handed-cart-steering and a slower pace, but it won't last for long and I treasure the moments.

Judah's gotten rather whiny as of late and we're working on that. Sometimes I'd rather ignore the behavior issues... it's tough work staying on top of things! When Judah whines about something either Paul or I talk to him about it and then he has to stand or sit in time out. We've been doing time-outs with him for quite a while now and despite what people might tell you children under two are more than capable of staying in time out.

Rather than do a time-limit time out I tell Judah that once I have completed a certain task I will come talk to him again - the task could be laundry, dishes, changing Wesley, making the bed, etc. I do tasks that Judah recognizes so that he can sort of figure out how long I will be. I also do tasks that I can do while still watching him, however I do ignore him while he is in time out.

Once the task is completed I sit down by him and tell him again what he did wrong, why it was wrong, why he was punished and ask him to say sorry to whomever it was he was whiney to - talking to and explaining things thoroughly to Judah is something both Paul and I strive to do.
Anyways, Judah hasn't gotten the hang of saying sorry, but he does hug when he is asked to say sorry.
It is really neat to me how that got started... a couple of months ago we were working with Judah on another behavior issue and I tried to teach him to hug when he "said" sorry. He would not do it. In fact he would sometimes hit and be aggressive. One day Paul and I had the idea that Paul should be the one to work with him on saying sorry. So the next time Judah did something wrong towards me Paul took Judah in his arms and told Judah that this is what you do, and then Paul came and said sorry to me and Paul hugged me.
Paul only had to demonstrate "saying" sorry and hugging twice and Judah got it! It was neat to see a daddy's influence on a little boy.


Di said...

Jessica, I think that's awesome. You are definitely starting out on the right foot!

Bethany said...

I think it is wonderful, the way that little boys look up to their Daddy. Josh will be one in about a month and I can already see how he adores his Daddy!

And it's good to hear how other parents are coping with whininess. Josh has just started trying this more frequently. Ugh.

Fire Hunt said...

I do the time out thing just like you do, It works.

Kim said...

LOL - thanks for working with him now! We have a no-whine rule at youth group ... ugh.

I'm so jealous that Wesley giggles! Gwen grins really hard, but no giggles yet =(

The Rock Chick said...

You and Paul rock! Sometimes little kids whine and bite or whatever because they don't have the speech skills to express themselves and it's more out of frustration than anything else, but I think what you guys are doing is spot on!!! I love the hugs with the "sorry" and I love you guys!!!!

Crystal said...

That's cute about the hugs. :)

Jeanie said...

I heart your boys, too.

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