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I have had some fun updating my blog a bit today. There is a run down of our life in pictures to the right and on the left, below my Favorite Blogs (which is in dire need of updating!), are some of my favorite posts. Let me know what you think!
And for those still on dial up let me know if it slows you down at all! Thanks :)

I have added my made-up Thai dish on the other blog. You can see it HERE. Let me know if you try it out - and what you think of it!

I am so very excited. This weekend there is a ladies conference at a camp a couple hours from here and the main speaker is the author of a book (or maybe two books...) on Once A Month Cooking. I haven't ever tried once a month cooking, but I've read lots about it, and I do make freezer meals and keep several stocked in my freezer. She is going to be doing a seminar on the subject and I can't wait!

Paul and I actually sat down recently and talked about doing some serious batch cooking for Freezer Meals. I found THIS GREAT POST on making and freezing burritos, so we were considering making those.

THIS POST is what inspired my own steak and onion ring pizza. The pizza dough is so simple to make, and is really good! When I made my pizza a few weeks ago I froze one slice to see how it would do. Paul ate it last evening and declared it scrumptious, so we'll be creating and freezing our own pizzas too.

We'll also make up FALAFEL - these are so tasty and really are kind of a pain to make in small batches, so it'll be nice to triple or quadruple the recipe and get all the rolling-into-balls done at one time. I can't wait till the boys are old enough to help out with the mundane jobs like rolling dough into balls!

Then I will put together some rice and chicken casseroles for the freezer too. I have been working on the grocery list, and Tuesday I'll go buy the stuff. Then I just need to pick a date to make all this stuff :)

It's not anywhere close to only being once a month cooking - that would be a pretty horrible variety of food! - but it is a start towards it.
One of my goals is to implement once a month cooking ... I just haven't decided when I'd like to start that :)

And I am curious.... would you ever try once a month cooking? Or once every two weeks? Would you be interested in learning more about it?


Stacy said...

I like your blog! The pictures are so cute!
About the once a month cooking- I've suggested it to hubby before, and he generally vetoes the idea. Since he does about 90% of the cooking in the house, I'm deferring to him. I sometimes will do large batches of things with the intention of freezing some (chicken broth, cookie dough, etc). I'm interested to hear how rice freezes- it seems like it would get mushy. I've never had any luck freezing bread. It always seems to get freezer burned.
My biggest recommendation for once a month cooking is to try a recipe in a SMALL portion before making a gigantic batch. I have about 40 cornbread muffins in the freezer that I can't bear to throw away but don't like. I'm trying to think of a way to use them up.

Amber said...

I don't think I'd like once a month cooking...too many of our favorite dishes wouldn't freeze well. But, I do often make a double batch of certain things and freeze one; ie; meatloaf, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, "sunshine muffins". I *would* be interested in more ideas of meals that freeze well. I've got to check out that pizza recipe you linked to, I've had a terrible time finding a good crust recipe. Question: You cooked the pizza, then froze a slice and rewarmed to eat?

Amber said...

Oh, I forgot! I love your new blog design too. Very cute!!!

Jessica said...

I love the new pictures along the sides. I especially love the wedding pictures. GORGEOUS!

I love the idea of once a month cooking, but I'd definitely need a bigger freezer. And more recipes that my pfinicky hubby would eat. *sigh*

The Rock Chick said...

We cook on either Saturday or Sunday for the entire week in advance. Somethings we will cook in large quantities, like beef stew, pastas, fajitas and then freeze them into individual servings. If we didn't cook like this, we'd be eating nothing but take out all the time, unfortunately. Everyone's schedule is just too chaotic.

Bethany said...

I love the photo bio of your life down the side of the page. You guys always look like you are having heaps of fun together!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested in once-a-month, or one-every-two-weeks cooking!!

Catherine said...

Nice blog.

I would be interested in freezer cooking if I had a freezer to handle such a thing. Right now I only have a 3/4 size fridge and it can only hold a little bit of food at a time.

Lindsay said...

I love the redo! I've been reading for quite some time, but never commented before.

I'll be trying the thai dish very soon! Looks delicious!

Amber said...

I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog for details.

Jen said...

I nominated you for a blog award check out my blog for details :)

Beth said...

I'm in college now, but when I was younger my mom would get together with a couple other ladies (like 3 or 4) and they would spend a whole day, once a month, in the church kitchen. They made a lot of marinades, soups, and casserole type dishes. By doing it in much larger quantities so that there would be some for all 4 families, they would get discounts at the grocery store for buying chicken in bulk.

And by doing it in the much larger church kitchen no one got in each others' way and there were much larger pot and stuff to use there (which especially come in handy for soups).

Kathryn said...

I nominated your blog for an award, come on over to my blog to check it out!

Bethany said...

Very, very nicely done. I'd like to know how you became so creative and how you manage to be so with two small boys.

And I don't think I'd ever try once a month cooking. Seems like it'd take WAY too much thought for me! Isn't that horrible?

Crystal said...

I toyed with the idea years ago, but it's not for me. I do lots of freezer cooking, and batch cooking, but OAMC is just too much for me personally.

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