Oh Happy Day

It's a sick day in our house - Judah got sick from someone at the gym nursery, and he passed it on to Wesley, who was up most of the night, which meant I was up most of the night.
It's just one of those days where we'll hang out in our pjs, wipe noses, snuggle and eat comfort foods - like the RICE PUDDING I made. It's so good.

Both of the boys are happy sickies. Wesley is currently sprawled out over Paul's leg giggling because Paul is tickling him. If only I could bottle up the sound of baby giggles! I love it! :)

Judah has started mixing up names - Paul walked in to his bedroom this morning and Judah said "HEY Judah!" And when he saw Wesley he said "Hey Daddy!" Judah is happy. Super happy. He got a hold of my massive cup of coffee, hid himself under the table, and drank most of the coffee before I caught him :)
It's going to be an interesting day!


Jeabie said...

Sorry to hear the boys are sick, Jess.

I miss seeing you on the forum -- I wanted you to know that.

MMmmmmmmm...rice pudding!

JeaNie said...

I mean JeaNie -- not JeaBie....sleeping baby in arms = one-handed type job :op

A Morris said...

i inherited a 25-lb bag of white rice with the house so i might give this recipe a try!

Bethany said...

So, how did your day go??? I want to know what sort of mischief a 1 1/2 year old boy will get into when he's filled up with coffee. :) And yes, Joshua has had a runny nose ever since I started at the daycare. Thankfully it's nothing more than that.

Julie said...

So WEIRD - Zion got a cold from the nursery at our Y and she's been sick and now Gideon has it. I was up half the night with the poor little guy who wanted to nurse but couldn't breath. I ended up pumping and giving it to him via syringe. :(

My rice pudding recipes requires things I don't have but yours doesn't. I think I'll go make it now. Thanks!!! :)

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