Some Questions Answered

Yes! You can freeze milk. It may change the consistency a bit - it hasn't yet for me, but I have read that it can. If you notice a difference in the milk and it bothers you to drink it then you can use it for baking. I have not noticed any difference in our own milk tho.
I did an eHow on freezing milk today, so you can read a few tips here; HOW TO FREEZE MILK.

I've gotten a few comments from people saying that they don't have a CVS nearby... do those of you without a CVS have Walgreens? Walgreens runs some pretty sweet deals too. I don't blog about my deals much any more, however the last two months Walgreens has had some amazing deals. I have gotten diapers, John Freida hair products, garbage bags, PUR water filter and flavor disks and other items for free or very, very cheaply.
Right now our Walgreens has a ton of items for 75% off. Nation wide they are clearaning the Magic Bullet Express for 75% off - I wanted one SO badly for Paul for a Christmas gift and went to three local stores and the shelves were all empty.
If you happen to find them at your local store I will happily buy one off of you and pay shipping :) I can't find any good deals on one!!

I have only ever used instant pudding in the CINNAMON ROLLS. However I think I made a mistake with the recipe... I think you're only suppose to add the DRY pudding mix, not mix it up. That would then mean you'd only need the 6 cups of flour called for - no extra!

The recipe for the ONION RINGS Paul made are up on the other blog. I made pizza yesterday for supper using ingredients we had on hand, and I ended up putting cut up onion rings on one of them. It was really yummy! So if you make your own pizza, and you end up making these onion rings, make a few extra for your next pizza!


Weeksie50 said...

I didn't make it to Walgreens yesterday but I will look today and let you know..


Fire Hunt said...

I will go to Walgreens and let you know.

Jen said...

Hmm they just opened one last month around where I live maybe they might have one? I'll have to go see what they have...I havent even had chance to go inside lol

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