Judah Funnies

I adore Judah's developing vocabulary and grasp on when and how to use words. He LOVES to talk and delights us daily with funny responses or random one liners that he throws at us. There's no way I can keep up with them all, but here are a few that I have written down recently;

When Judah wants the window rolled down he says “I want the window off the car.” When he wants the window rolled up he says "Put the window on please."

One day we were sitting beside each other and he passed gas. He looked all around and then to me and said “Did you hear it?”!

Judah hurt his foot and was telling me it hurt and then said “Put on diaper rash cream?”

I was singing him a song while we were waiting in the car and he said “No mommy. Judah no like your singing.”


Jessica said...

Oh, wow.....how SWEET! I'm so glad you're writing them down to cherish and remember always. Children are so precious in their innocence as they discover the world! Those are great - thanks for sharing!

Oh, and what a little MAN! That suit is the best!

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks - the jacket,vest and shirt were all found at DIFFERENT yard sales this weekend! I got him a ton of dress clothes this weekend... well, for the upper half of his body :) He doesn't have any dress pants that fit him right now :)

Kristin said...

Often when I serve something new that Helen isn't sure about, she'll say "I don't wanna like that." Too cute. Normally she ends up liking things...she just doesn't want to!

Kids learning language are so much fun!

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