A Red Brick Building

My brother chose to spend 4 weeks of his summer vacation with us. We're at the halfway mark now and we just love having him here. He has given Paul and I the opportunity to go out and do things together and loves playing games like Settlers with us - which, sadly, we've played almost every evening he's been here.
The other day I took him exploring for cool picture taking places and we came across this old winery that is no longer in use. We had fun taking pictures around the building and then made it into the car just before it started raining!
These are some of my favorites:


Jen said...

Great photos!
Don't you love finding new photo places :)

Rebecca L said...

How has Caleb grown up so fast?! I remember the days when the four of you used to come over to play with lego and eat zoodles... he was sooo little and you and Esther used to fight over who got to help feed him!

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