Back Porch

I have had these pictures on my computer for a while meaning to upload them - I will eventually get around to taking pictures of all the rooms in our house!! For now here is our back porch.

I just love this room - we spend a ton of time out here. From morning quiet time to the littles play time to evening movie dates (on our laptop) with Paul, this room is our go to room. It overlooks our backyard and the neighboring horse farm which is pretty cool!

This is the right side of the room - the window you see above the couch looks into the kitchen.

The door leads into the living room.

There's a doorbell on the back door and Judah loves to ring it and watch me run to the front door to see who it is! In fact lately he has started ringing the door bell at the back door and saying "Who is it?" and will run to the front door.

I set up a little table for the boys back here.


Nicole said...

That's a great room. I would love to have a room like that! So would our cats ;o) Haha about him ringing the doorbell like that!

Jaimie Kylene said...

Very cool room! I wish we had something like that!

I saw your 4th of July pics on FB...I love what you did with the skewers you got at Target!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

We had a room very similar to that in the house where I grew up. I'd love one of those now! The view you have is beautiful.

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