What's In An Egg?

Somehow Paul is convinced I make THE best egg sandwiches.ever.
I'm not sure why he loves them so much - it's just egg, mayo, salt, pepper and green onions if I have them on hand.
But he seriously adores the egg sandwiches and actually had told other people how much he loves them. And he all but begs me to make them for him.

I gotta say, it's pretty sweet being able to make something so simple and get such great rave reviews on it!

For something so simple and easy to make I really don't make it enough for him.

How about you? Is there something simple that your husband loves that you could do to bless him?


Richard and Edi Halstead said...

that is sweet, mine loves my roast and potatoes, really I just put it all in the oven salt, pepper, season all and worchestershire sauce, bake and its done, no hassle, very little work and he thinks he is king for the day when I make it.

Amber said...

He loves it when I scratch his back! lol
As for food, he's just happy if he can come home to a hot ready meal. He'd also love it if I baked sweets every day, but then we'd both be 500 lbs! ha

TammyIsBlessed said...

Other than the one thing most guys want you mean? :)

A few things - me being on time and having the house relatively clutter free.

Will I see you Friday on my Mom to Mom post? I hope so!

Kristin said...

For Chris it is a full cookie jar. Really, this is such a simple task and it is something Helen loves to participate in. So, it isn't a big deal to me but Chris feels very loved by homemade cookies in his lunch every day.

Jessica said...

Meatless tacos. They're his favorite comfort food, I think, and they take about 5 minutes for me to make but he thinks I'm the best wife in the world when I make them.

You know what, though? I'd do so much more than that to make him feel special. I should more often. Thanks for the challenge.

The Tattered Cottage said...

Well, there's a couple of things that my boys love. . .one of their favorites is my fried chicken and the other is my oatmeal with chocolate chips cookies. The cookies vanish right before my eyes!! LOL


Keetha Broyles said...

Those do look yummy, I'm with Paul. Just one question, do you mean those are hard boiled eggs diced and mixed with those other ingredients, or are those scrambled eggs with the other ingredients on the bread???

Whichever - - - they look downright yummy!!

I used to work in the snack shop at my college, and one of our most popular sandwiches was a FRIED egg sandwich with mayo and cheese.

Ally D said...

Teddy loves brownies, and they're fool proof baking. He's delighted when he gets them as a treat. :o)

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