An Albino Dinosaur

This toy dinosaur of Judah's kind of disturbs me.

An Albino Dinosaur.

There probably really was such a thing though - this is a real Albino Alligator (or was it a Crocodile?? Totally cannot remember!) that we saw at a Gator Farm in Florida.

He was fascinating to look at.


Nicole said...

LOL that disturbs me too!!

I think that's an alligator, crocodiles have longer mouths/nose things.

Jessica said...

That's funny! Every time I buy Leah a new toy, Scott's like, "That's freaky," and I tell him, "Yes, but you're not a baby." She always loves them, and the freakier looking they are the more she loves them.

Sis said...

It's an Alligator, they have round snouts and Crocs have pointy one. They are the opposite to the first letter of their name :-p

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