Missing Him

Paul sent me this picture from Texas.
Isn't it gorgeous?
And that was just taken with his cell phone camera.
I want to go there!

If it wasn't so very far away I would drive there to surprise him for his graduation next week - I think it's a tad crazy to attempt a 24+ hour drive alone with two little boys.
So I won't be going. BUT I WANT TO.

We went to Texas together once.
It was just before we were married and my brother and I were visiting Paul in Oklahoma.
My brother was - and 4.5 years later still is - oddly obsessed with Texas, so we surprised him by going to Dallas on our way to the airport.

I wish I could show you how much sense that didn't make.
Go to google maps and add three destinations.
Start with Ft. Sill, OK
Then go to Dallas, TX
Then go to Oklahoma City, OK

I don't know what we were thinking.
But that was my one time being in Texas.

Paul's always said he wants to take me to San Antonio, which is where he did some training with the Army. I am adding El Paso to the places to see in Texas. From the pictures he has sent me it looks so beautiful!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Great cowboy boots, and I know you must be really missing Paul. He is going to be home soon? I know what you mean about hot!!! I am praying for a day of lovely rain. It would definitely be welcome here. Have a great 4th. Jackie

Catherine said...

Texas is great! I hope my husband and I can move there one day!

My brother did basic training in Fort Sill and we flew in to Dallas to see his graduation. At least it isn't too ridiculously far.

Ally D said...

It's too bad it's that little bit too far to attempt!
El Paso was definitly that typical deserty dry hot landscape-so so cool.
You'll get there!!!

BeckeyZ said...

When you make it to San Antonio, you have to give me a call. I'll show you all the hot spots, though, everywhere is a hot spot right now. LOL!

Corpus Christi is the best, or anywhere along the coast. I need to get to the ocean soon.

There is an awesome bed & breakfast on the riverwalk in SA that I highly recommend.

mel said...

Too bad I don't live closer. I'd totally help you road trip it!

Brandy said...

If you come thru Dallas let me know :) That's where we are now!

Bethany said...

I say go for it. There has got to be someone you know between Georgia and Texas, that you could crash in on on your drive through. Don't you know anyone who lives in TN? I mean, you have enough blog friends. That would make it a little easier for boys... And Paul could drive home with you?

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