I Heart My Sons Urologist

When Judah had his circumcision the doctor had to stop mid way through because something didn't look right. We were then referred to a urologist who completed Judah's circumcision without a problem. After that experience I read quite a bit about it and came to the conclusion that we would always see a urologist to perform our sons circumcisions.

We happen to have found a urologist we love. Like I'd almost put a bumper sticker on my car that says I heart my sons urologist, but that just sounds a little wrong. But we do love the doctor. He's got a great sense of humor and we have just connected with him.

When Wesley was born the urologist couldn't perform the circumcision right away (I think he was out of town that week) and when we did make it into his office a few weeks later he was concerned about a hydrocele Wesley had and said that he would wait until Wesley was 1 yrs old and hopefully the hydrocele would go away on its own and if not then he would do both surgeries at the same time.

Long story short, yesterday was the day of Wesley's surgery. Paul wasn't able to be there with me as he had to work, but Wesley was a trooper and did great! The nurses gave him this stuffed tiger before hand and he just cracked up at the sight of the tiger - it was funny watching him :)

While we were waiting in a room for the nurse to take Wesley from me the Anesthesiologist came in the introduce himself to me.
He said to me "Could you please verify the nature of the surgery?"
I said "A circumcision and correctional surgery for the hydrocele."
He said "Very good."
And then turning to Wesley said "What a cute little girl!"
I said "Um. It's a boy."
And he was extremly embarassed and said "Oh yes, the circumcision part should have given that away."

Um. Or his medical chart if you'd read it.

They had Wesley back in surgery for about 3 hours and when I finally got to see him again he was so drowsy and out of it - it was so sad to see! We took him to prayer meeting with us last night as he seemed to be feeling ok, and he was fine. A bit more mellow than normal perhaps. He woke up a couple times through the night crying in pain and I kept him on his pain meds and rocked him back to sleep. Today he seems a bit uncomfortable but is otherwise his enegetic, hungry and cheerful self.

It is hard seeing your child in pain and going through something outside their scope of understanding.


TammyIsBlessed said...

That's hilarious that he commented on the "cute little girl" after you talked about circumcision!!

Hope Wesley continues to heal well and that the pain subsides soon.

Nicole said...

Gosh that doctor was a dill!!
Awww praying for a speedy recovery for Wesley

Kristin said...

So, the convo with the doctor made me laugh but I'm SURE I wouldn't have been laughing if I'd been there. How disconcerting!

Chris went with Patrick on circumcision day, I just couldn't do it. I know it's supposedly not a big deal but it was still a little freaky for me. I don't know if I could do it when he's one! You're amazing.

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