Cupcake Love

Tuesday evening some dear friends had us over to celebrate Wesley and my birthdays! It was a fun evening, and Wesley adored his first cupcake! =)
Click on the image to see an album of more images from the evening.


Jaimie Kylene said...

Look at those eyes!!!!
Both of my kids waited until their first birthday to try sweets too.

Your pictures are beautiful. I have a Nikon D40...not sure how to do much with it yet.
Do you have any tips working with a Nikon? Like how to make the back round blurry?

(I haven't gotten around to update my blog...I guess I didn't have much to say this week :-D)

Jeanie said...

Fancy that little face with a big ol' cupcake! How did he like it?

That puppy is also a scene stealer...oh my!

Cute pics, Jess. (Where are the ones of you?) ;o)

Amber said...

Those are such cute pics! Your boys have the most beautiful eyes.
When I gave Levi cake on his first birthday he wanted nothing to do with it! lol...he thought it was too messy.

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